Our Services

Crete Designs Limited offers a variety of decorative concrete resurfacing systems throughout Nigeria and West Africa regions both in the commercial and domestic markets.

We focus mainly on stencil pattern concrete and stamped impression concrete and specialise in the below processes:

Retaining walls and rock work
Concrete Extensions
Concrete spraying
Concrete re surfacing
All decorative concrete finishing’s
Stamped impression concrete
Stenciled pattern concrete
Plain concrete finishes
Patterned coloured concrete
Stenciled paving systems
Commercial formwork
Mortar and render
Newly placed reinforced concrete
Surface scruffing
Surface chipping
Building slabs
Ready mixed concrete
Entrance ways
Council crossovers
Traffic features
Garden settings
Pool Surrounds
Carport Floors
House slabs


Crete Designs Limited offers the perfect solution to decorative concreting, stenciled paving systems, paving, driveways and pathways for domestic home owners and commercial concrete re-surfacing projects in Nigeria.

Crete Designs Limited have years of qualified experience in the field of concrete spraying, concrete resurfacing, concrete slabs, building slabs, formwork and stamped impression concrete. So if you require a professional organization that will undertake decorative concrete resurfacing, commercial formwork and stamped impression concrete talk to the experts at Crete Designs.

Crete Designs use a wide range of quality sealants and decorative concrete products. Stencil and Stamped Concrete Products are applied to new wet concrete areas, whilst decorative spray on concrete is applied to exiting concrete. In addition Crete Designs can offer you a variety of stenciled patterned concrete as well for carport areas, home or office entertainment areas, pool surrounds, patios, loading bays and high traffic areas. “Fauxtex” is the application for this process.

Crete Designs offers many different types of stencil patterns and colors as seen in our color chart page. We can vary these stencil concrete patterns to suit different header courses, customized logos and motifs and different texture finishes. This is possible by using a system called ‘Cover-Tex’, which is a spray on paving system, revitalizing and giving new life to your concrete area. Crete Designs have all quality Decorative Spray on Paving Products available.

The Tex-Strain System which is a designer concrete stain product will transform drab grey concrete flooring into unique and creative decorative concrete finishes. Crete Designs can apply the “Décor Tex’ system which is a two coat application easily applied and more cost effective than as compared to other textured coating products. The first coat, primer, ensures the uniformity of absorption and the second coat. Finish Coat is a high density acrylic based product that bonds to the Primer in providing a durable textured finish. Crete Designs also have available a range of quality products such as color hardeners, release agents, stencil patterns, as well as sealers, solvents and textured wall coatings.