Concrete Surface Preparation

No matter what your final intentions are for your concrete slab, its surface should always be very well prepped. The key to every good overlay, sealing or precast concrete project lies in good surface preparation. A concrete project will last only as long as the amount and quality of prep-work done before any finished coating has been applied.

The first priority for every job involving concrete should be to strip off whatever coating was there previously, either chemically or mechanically. Once the previous coating has been removed, the slab can be cleaned and profiled. Since most concrete becomes damaged over time, you now need to check for and repair cracks and patch holes and pits in the substrate. To prevent future breakdowns in your concrete surface, dealing with the primary cause of most failed slabs – moisture – is the last step in a well-prepared surface. SureCrete manufactures products for each and every step of your project and we’ll make sure that your finished concrete surface lasts a very long time.

Concrete Crack Repair and Treatment

Products to treat and repair all sizes of concrete cracks prior to overlay or sealer application.

Concrete Cleaning and Moisture Products

Products to clean, densify and waterproof concrete surfaces to add strength and prep for other applications.

Concrete Patching Products

Products to repair concrete holes, spalled surfaces and filling of missing or damaged concrete.

Chemical Concrete Sealer Removal

Products to remove grease, acrylic sealers, and carpet glues, all specially formulated for each situation

Concrete Retarders and Adhesion Products

Products to slow the cure of overlays and to delay surface drying times in various temperatures.